Things Every New Business Website Should Have

There is no shortage of poorly designed websites on the world wide web. Aesthetics, fancy features and beautiful photos are not enough to make your website user-friendly. Good UI or UX design is essential in today’s competitive online environment. Ease-of-use and first impressions matter.

The following are some examples of things you should include in your small business website:

1. Make sure you have a simple domain name.
An easy to remember (and type) web address is key to making it easy for your customers to reach you. Avoid using special characters and make it thoughtful.

Most of the time a .com is recommended, but there are exceptions such as non-profits.

If you can include a keyword in your domain name, that can help with the SEO.

2. Branding and description
When a visitor browses your website, you want them to know who you are and what you do. Be sure to include a keyword-rich description of your business. This description should sum up what you offer and who you are.

Your business’s branding should reflect through the choice of fonts, color, photography and copy. Your brand is the personality of your company.

3. Call to action.
You want to make it clear to your customers exactly what you want them to do. Give the visitor plenty of easy-to-find options contact you, make a purchase, schedule an appointment, etc.

Large bright buttons with short headings are recommended throughout your content. You can offer things like discount codes, newsletter sign-ups and more to engage with your website visitors.

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