Determining the right SEO Keywords to increase your business.

Beginning your journey down the road of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can be intimidating. Everyone seems to be an expert at selling you a “magic” set of steps to rocket your website to the top of search engine rankings like Google, or Bing.

Luckily, the digital marketing experts at Go Nebo are here to guide through the process. The following tips are from our proven muti-faceted strategy using local SEO, on-page optimization, code audits and linking campaigns.

#1: Set up Google analytics on your website

so that you can track your visitors. With this you can visualize who is visiting your website. This tool will tell you where your website visitors are coming from. It can also show you what keyword search phrases that they used to find your website. This is valuable information when refining your SEO plan. This information also comes in handy for planning your pay-per-click or social media campaigns.

#2: Create a list of keywords

that you believe your visitors would use to search for a business like yours. Add that list to list of keywords from your visitor tracking software to get a more complete look at who is visiting your website. Next, you can create another list of keywords from the visitors that actually made a purchase. From there, you can further refine your message and your marketing to better reach your target audience.

#3: How did you hear about us?

Whenever a customer calls or emails, ask them how they heard about you. Even consider recording calls. You may learn about new keywords or search phrases that could help you increase sales. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can from your customers. The insights you gain will give you valuable information to include in your digital marketing and for writing your website content.